Biography - Daniel Fosse

"According to Daniel FOSSE, art begins when you start dreaming."

             Daniel FOSSE was born in Monce-en-Belin in the Sarthe region, West of France. He is the eldest of a modest family, living in Le Mans. He has two children.
             Aged ten, Daniel shows interests in painting and quickly expresses himself with material of opportunity such as; pencils, gouaches, old sheets, cardboards, wood, etc….. In front of his steady stroke and the joy of his drawings, his teachers encourage him to enter the school of Fine Arts (Les Beaux-Arts) in Le Mans. Yet, against his wishes, the reality drives him to read Science and to become a Civil engineer.                                                                                                                             In 1974, he studies with Thérèse CLEMENT and shares her Parisian studio, thus, until 1981. He learns a great deal as his passion rises, while his technique develops and becomes more assertive. He is close to many artists, amongst them, Renzo MORANDI, an Italian painter, with whom Daniel strikes up a friendship.
            In the same year, he takes part in the ‘Salon, des Indépendants’ in 1980, as well as several group exhibitions.
              In July 1981, he leaves Paris for personal reasons and settles down in Toulouse, South West France. There, he decides to work alone and extend his pictorial autonomy.
                He meets Mrs PRIKING, together, they share and analyse points of views and guidance.
          In 1981 and 1982, a thorough and relentless elaboration of his theories rewards him following an exhibition in the ‘Salon des Indépendants’. For the first time, Daniel obtains a recognition with a ‘Special Merit’ of the Jury by the ‘Michel Ange Foundation’, in 1983.
             However, dissatisfied with his outcome, he sinks in a dark period, less fruitful, leads a nightlife and cuts himself off in Cordes-sur-Ciel, a Medieval village in the Tarn region. There, he opens his own studio in order to answer favourably to the commercial demands.
             The exercise of his ideal then takes shape
             In 1984, enriching meetings and discussions with Francis MEUNIER, a surrealist painter.
            In 1985, Daniel finally found his own style of painting which never stops evolving, playing with colours and matters. A new evolution appeared in 2003, with a reinterpreted pictorial sense.